Those who know Damian McGillicuddy personally will know that he has a secret passion in his life that has always run in parallel to his love of photography; the noble art of the Marquis of Queensbury (or boxing to you and I). A phrase often banded around in boxing circles is “pound for pound” – being a term used to describe the very best within the noble art, irrespective of weight class. It wouldn’t be a misuse of this term if used to describe McGillicuddy and his impact on his chosen profession, namely photography.

the big dogWith over 25 years in the industry Damian has gained a fantastic level of knowledge and experience. Over his long and colourful career Damian has secured his position as one of the United Kingdom’s best photographers by accruing over 673 international awards, being the ONLY photographer to hold 5 UK Master Photographer of the Year Awards, along with 7 Society Photographer of the Year awards and is the only photographer in the world to be awarded a Grand Master Bar.

Damian’s hard work and dedication has resulted in him earning 7 international Fellowships, holding the title of Master Photographer with the NPS and the Guild of Photographers, being the first photographer to be awarded a Double Masters with the Societies and being one of only 3 individuals to be honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Grand Master’.

In 2013, his achievements lead to Damian being instated as Olympus UK’s Principle Photographer and Educator – a position that he is extremely proud to hold.

Damian is the the only Grand Master photographer that directly trains other photographers. With the aid of his team Damian runs many photographic workshops and training days throughout the year, his photography workshops are designed to help you achieve your photographic and business goals and aspirations. Over the past 5 years Damian’s training has resulted in photographers achieving many national and international awards, 10 photographers of the year titles, and has seen a great number of photographers gaining photographic qualifications – ranging from licentiate all of the way to fellowship. For more information on the training that Damian offers, take a look at our training homepage, and see what he and his team can do for you.

Olympus Partnership

Well, Olympus UK have made their partnership with Grand Master Damian McGillicuddy all official.

Pictured together cementing the announcement with a handshake is Olympus UK’s head of marketing, Mark Thackara, together with the BIG dog himself. But what does this new more formal relationship actually mean?

It is no secret that Olympus and Damian McGillicuddy have been working together very closely over the last 12 months, beginning at Focus 2012 with the launch of the OM-D. Since then has gone from strength to strength. Over the past 12 months Damian has been working on Olympus UK’s behalf – testing their latest and greatest equipment, running courses and shooting the stunning imagery that Olympus have been using to advertise the OM-D.

Olympus UK’s Mark Thackara and the BIG Dog shake on the future”

Olympus UK’s Mark Thackara and the BIG Dog shake on the future”

Today, Olympus have announced that Damian will be assuming the position of principal photographer and educator at Olympus UK a key position previously filled by household names and one in particular, alluded to in the title!

I am privileged and honored to be taking over from such icons in the industry and will to do my very best to fill the big shoes left behind” adding “I’ll certainly give it my all” vowed Damian.

Both Olympus and Damian dropped some hints about what to expect in the next year. Although there were a few hints at a new incarnation of a very popular piece of equipment, kit is not the only focus of the next 12 months. Education seems big on the agenda, with the announcement of a nation wide educational road-show, more “Wow” events plus several “all singing and dancing” spectaculars.

 The response to the OM-D and especially what Damian has been achieving with it has been tremendous.” added Thackara “On top of that he leads by example and contributes endless energy to what we are trying to do.

This was reinforced by the news that Olympus will be subsidising the cost of McGillicuddy’s workshops, making their educational content more accessible – and the good news is, you don’t have to be an Olympus user to benefit from these discounts! Both parties made it very clear that, in this instance, it’s not about the kit – it’s about a love of photography and a desire to refine your photographic ability.