portrait, strobist, single light source, Olympus, OM-D, EM-5 mk2, Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95, focus peaking,

Focus peaking on my Olympus OM-D really impresses.

Another short but sweet post, as I’m MASSIVELY excited about these images and couldn’t wait to share them with you! Here are a few dishes I cooked up in the studio recently, shooting on my Olympus E-M5 Mark II with a 42.5mm f0.95 Voigtlander lens, using just a single light and a couple of secret … [Read More...]

A Profoto flash lit environmental portrait of a circus performer from Giffords Circus captured with the Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 on the Olympus EM-5 mk2

Running away with the Olympus circus.

My schedule has been manic at the moment, I've been away on shoots 19 days of this month.  I'm not going to pretend it's a walk in the park but the truth is I wouldn't change it for anything. To me being Olympus principal photographer is an honour and a privilege, whether I'm shooting an ad or … [Read More...]